A Quick Rage

I login my Facebook this morning and the first thing I see is a video. The title is “Mother violates daughter for acting like young ho on FB”. It’s a video of this woman who apparently discovered that her daughter had been posting inappropriate material online. More specifically she was sending racy photos to boys who were significantly older than her. So this mother, in all of her maternal greatness, decides it’s going to be a good idea to record and publicize the confrontation she has with her daughter about her behavior.

Congrats, bitch. You effectively destroyed any kind of trust and confidence that your daughter had in you. Not only did you ruin the bond that you and your daughter had, but you also gave the rest of the world a pretext to judge her with. They are KIDS. Kids make mistakes and it’s up to their parents to correct them, not publicly fucking embarrass and crucify them over it.

So while your sitting there at your kitchen table, drinking your coffee and relishing in the excitement of possibly becoming a youtube sensation, your daughter is at school being ridiculed, alienated and bullied. The title of the video alone is evident enough to the negative connotations that have now been branded to your daughter due to your shitty parenting.

To the bitch behind the camera, I say this. You don’t deserve children, you don’t even deserve life. Anyone who could take something so precious as a child and use them as a stepping stone to obtaining Internet stardom is a worthless excuse for a human being, let alone a mother! I hope one day you realize what you’ve actually done to your daughter and her self-esteem and you drown yourself in a tub of your own tears.

For those of you who read this that want to see the video. Click Here.


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